Gambling or luck

Gambling or luck

Gambling and luck are different in terms of playing and impact. Although the luck will look innocent But if there is a lot of mescaline May have a negative effect on gambling

The author has the opportunity to attend seminars and review articles on พนัน Gambling or Gambling ‘written by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sangsit Phiriyarangsan And the guys recently asked to bring some issues that had been discussed that day to be “brain food”

The word ‘gambling’ means negative language in Thai. When the Gambling Act, 2478, came out, Thai society did not know the word ‘Gambling’ because it is a new word that has happened not more than 30 years ago and has a different meaning (even the word ‘hello’ was officially started in 1943 after Phraya Upakit Silasarn (Nim Kanchana Chiwa) was established in 1933. Who wants anyone to watch all the time, must be named Sawat. Because good-looking)

This law specifies that the word gambling But the world has changed a lot There are a variety of forms that are similar to gambling, so that the law doesn’t catch up.

Thai gambling, Pau Hi Lo nuts, billiards, snooker, baccarat, etc., as well as the ‘one-arm bandit’ (slot machines that come with American military bases) are known to Thai people for a long time as ‘gambling’ and match the characteristics. Appear in the said law

In Thailand, gambling began 50 years ago by sending lucky pieces. One item allows people to buy detergents and have gold necklaces mixed with them. (Brand detergent is sold in kilos Because friends play with the box, find the chain first, and put the detergent to the scale to sell) and the degree is getting harder until now, far reaching the chance to win the gold prize cellphone Each day And hourly

In the Western world, entertainment does not only cover travel, theme parks, shopping, singing, food and drink consumption, etc. If you eat about a small amount of money to play for fun. To get more money This fun has both gambling and what is called “Gambling”

However, Westerners enter the casino for recreation because it is considered to be an entertainment, but most Thais and Eastern people enter the casino to find stress because it is considered to be a horoscope measure for wealth.

What is the difference between ‘gambling’ and ‘luck’? Lottery and lottery is gambling or luck?

พนัน Gambling ‘is a bet that is placed by the player. Have a fight There are entrepreneurs (bankers) having the characteristics of negotiation, the results and the disadvantages of the two parties. โชค Gambling ’There is no competition. With the nature of the cast No bargaining, losing, losing, losing, etc.

If things play like this, it is straightforward like this. The line between ‘gambling’ and ‘luck’ is obvious. If committed to paying money for hope What seems like “Gambling” can become a ‘gambling’.

Example of lotteries If buying for hope of reward In each period it is a gamble But if buying multiple cards, losing a lot of money to hope for a hundred million, it may turn into gambling ‘because the players hope to lose. As if there was competition

The more the lottery is played, the more likely it will be gambling. Because of the money (Whether stabbing on-the-bottom, running or walking or sleeping) is caused by the actions of the hopeful player – lose By using the money to buy the lottery as a bet to get many more Therefore, gambling may turn into gambling. If the player changes his behavior to focus – is important

Gambling is something that can make a rich man become a rap in one night. It is something that makes people obsessed with not creating useful things, both time, opportunity, money and the possibility of losing everything that has been created in life in a short time.

The worrisome issue of Thai society, in addition to the gambling that is in the prosecution, is the type of luck. ‘Rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, stacked’ by using numbers in the sweepstakes drink sweepstakes every day, every hour. Get a lot of money Create a dream of the dull (buy water to eat until the belly is bloated) And most importantly, cultivating the mind of being a gambler As well as eradicating faith, which is universal in the sense that success in life comes from perseverance

โชค The Lucky Bet ‘, a type of mischief, people will mold and cultivate people who love gambling in a long time What seems innocent today If not controlled to be appropriate, then can become poison for the people in the future.

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